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and let me love you, oh, baby let me love you oh baby. 


Wassup, My name is Devon C, Im 21 & I live in Dallas Tx. Im mixed with black & white but you would never know that. Im currently single, you gotta be extremely awesome to change that. Im a singer and I write alot of songs so I guess you can call me a writer. Im a college graduate with a degree in Computer Networking. Planning on going back pretty soon! my music taste very diverse. I don’t discriminate music, if I like it, I like it. My type of girl is an girl who know what she wants and don’t settle for less. A girl that knows she is beautiful without no one telling her that. My weakness is a girl with long, curly hair with an nice smile. My goals is to be happy with every decision I make and travel more. Next month i’m heading to Puerto Rico so that should be fun!

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Once you realize God’s plans for you, you’ll realize why everything else didn’t work out . - Devon

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Hey my name is Jason, I’m 18 years old i live in England, UK. I’m French & Italian. I love listening to music, skating, working out and playing football(soccer). I’m currently finishing my last year of high school. My type of girl would be shorter than me, preferably brunette, nice eyes and smile with a great personality and sense of humor to match. In the future I hope to go to uni for what I love to do and is passion, that is art. So I hope graphic design maybe and see where that takes me.

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Waddup doe

I’m Grover III. I’m a Black American living in Michigan, but I’ve moved around all my life. I’m living single right now. I’m a singer and am planning on recording soon. I’m also a poet, and have performed all over Michigan with my poetry collective, Detroit Witness. I love to read and listen to music, and once my arms are healed up I’ll get back to lifting weights and playing guitar. I love all kinds of music, except for country. I listen to Hip Hop, NeoSoul, Soul, Jazz, and folk music the most. I’m an active advocate for the rights of oppressed people. I’m currently in college, studying for my bachelors in Political Science and I endeavor to run political campaigns. When it comes to women, I don’t have a “type” but I prefer women who are genuine and have an imagination. Girls that read get extra points. I’ll be recording music sometime soon and will continue to work for political campaigns. I’ll also be releasing a poetry book sometime within the next couple years. 


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“You have more jelly than peanut butter? You don’t have  a sandwich, you have a problem.”

“People say “Better safe, than sorry”, but too many are living life as both”

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