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WHO AM I ? well they named me Cayron like crayron, an art instrument, to draw on on not be be drawn on. I’m only half human mostly god so I’m a Demigod. Brooklyn, New York birthed me babyyy .. Im way to focused to be in a relationship so yes I’m Single. I don’t know how this mix came to play but I’m Guyanese , Trinidadian , Chinese and Dutch. I Skateboard , draw , paint , write music and poetry , dance , smoke weed , model and design clothes. I attend Fashion Institute of Technology NYC for Graphic Design. I have my own apartment i make my own money and I’ve been pretty much self sufficient since young. My type of girl is naturally beautiful ( no weave , make up , fake eyelashes ) , ambitious of course , A beautiful mind to match her physical beauty , Not into cliche shit like partying and whatever else the masses are into , who has a nice sense of style ( but naturally i feel any intelligent persons should have style) , a girl who is reliable and down for whatever and has a sex drive to match mine. I listen to Electronic , Chill wave , Conscious Rap , R&B Soul not the typical radio shit. I plan to own my own boutique , write a few books , make music and become an all around icon to the youth. 

” sober thoughts are never as interesting as high thoughts ” - Cayron


Instagram: Demigodcayron Twitter: Demigodcayron

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My name is khai, I live in NYC and I’m 20 years old. I love playing basketball and just entertaining people. Making other people happy makes me happy. I teach High school and fix computers. For the near future I am going to buy a business and focus on making some serious money through that. 

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” - Ralph waldo Emerson


IG- @khaillou24

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Waddup my name is Devon Delvincio, I’m mixed with black and white but everyone thinks I’m other things lol I live in Dallas Texas & I’m 19, sadly single lol

Music is my passion, you can look my YouTube videos up by searching “DelvincioMusic” I love making videos for all of my subscribers. I’m in college going for my doctorates degree because I plan to be a doctor. Been in kickboxing since the 5th grade and you can see my trophies in the background of alot of my pics and videos, i was also sponsored by Nike in AAU basketball through my whole high school career. As far as music I bump everything but I really like hip hop where the artist actually talks about real shit and not big booty hoes….even though I can get crunk to a lil 2 chainz here and there. As for my future, my goal is to be successful in everything I do.

“Sit back while I chase my dreams…til I catch them like a cold…never thought about second place…silver be that faded gold.” - Devon Delvincio



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Yo, I’m Anthony Coldwinter. Age 19, from New York and a college student. Currently taken. I love music in general, but I LOVE hip-hop. I plan on being in the music industry by 2015 (rapping/producing). I always plan on designing clothes ..real soon (young Kanye in this bitch).

“Live while you’re still alive.”


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Hello! my name is Marcus. I’m a single 18 year old that is a freshmen in college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have alot of hobbies that I love to indulge myself in, such as: hangin’ wit my friends, photography, film production/editing, listening to music, and playing sports (basketball is my favorite)! :) If you were to ask me what genre of music I listened to, I would have to tell you that I religiously listen to Hip-Hop/ Rap & R&B. My favorite artists include: Three 6 Mafia, Juicy J, Crime Mob, Young Jeezy, T.I., Tyga, Fabolous, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, & MANY MORE! I listen too almost anything with a good beat that I can slam in my car, and that get’s me in a bossed up mood. My future career would be audio engineering for a major or local tv network/ radio station, seeing as how I have a passion for sound! I hope you enjoyed learning about me, so follow me so I can learn about you!

I’ma do me” - someone intelligent 



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Hey We’re Jalan and Jibril. We’re twins in  love with all genres of fashion from paris recently moved to Los Angeles. We study film. We Love all types of music and literally ALL types of music from Classic orchestra to Childish Gambino! Our future goals are pretty simple Make a name for our self in the film and fashion industries as soon as possible! A quote we live by is to Work hard and stay humble! 

Check us out @ http://twinish.tumblr.com

INSGRM - @Thosedamntwins

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Hey everybody my name is Christian i’m 18 years old i live in California. I’m single.

I’m a track runner(400m) and a football player. I love traveling, shopping, and meeting new people and music. I love all kinds of music. I havn’t decided where to go to school yet but i graduated high school C/O 2012. I plan on majoring in Computer Technical Support and going to the Olympics in Brazil 2016. 

“Ain’t never worried ‘bout fallin’ off cause I’mma bounce back”


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Hi, my name is Dereck, I’m 17 years old and I live in Montreal, I am single. I’m a young soccer player and I played in different place around the world. I love to write songs and to be with my friends. Actually, I have the choice of going to play soccer in Argentina or to stay and to go at college. I’m open to everything, I listen to many different kinds. I want to play soccer or to become a model.

“if you believe you can, you’re halfway there”



I’m Alex, i’m 20, and I live in Chicago, IL. I’m single, and i’m blasian (Black and Chinese) Sounds like a pokemon.. Anyways, i’m a goofball nerd, so that means video games, intellect, computers, all that. I also love weight lifting and modeling. I love old school hip hop, and classical music. I’m in college for graphic design, and I plan on being successful in that, or modeling if it takes me that far. My type of girl is petite, with curly brunette hair, and funny of course. 

“Someday, the pandas will attack.” - Alex Smith


IG: Blasianlion

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Hey whats up guys Im Jay! Im 17 years old an i live in the beautiful city of Houston. I was born in New Zealand and moved here when i was 8 years old. Im an up an coming rapper/singer #15 on the charts in Texas!! I plan on attending SFA or Texas State, to major in Theater and computer Graphic design. Some future goals is to have an album go platinum and sing on stage with Chris Brown. I am half black an half white, i enjoy making music, acting, modeling, and playing games with buddies! I am single (and looking so if any sexy women out there..hmu ;) I have a Crush on Zendaya Coleman, and thats about it!

“Follow Dreams Not Orders”- Jay Howden 




Youtube- JayHowdenMusic 


IG: JayHowden 

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Wadup wadup! My names Elianel and I’m 16 years old living my teenage life in New jersey for now. I am currently single. My race is Black and Puerto Rican. I love being behind the camera and more then anything, I love being in front of it too. I’m making my way forward in becoming a model. I do attend school still, and this is my junior year. I also do plan on going to NYU college to major in photography. So yea, I do wanna continue my education and make somebody out of myself. I have a wide majority song interest, I basically like everything, if I listen to the song and I like it, I’ma bump to it. My type of girl is one who defiantly has an amazing personality, cute, who can dress, and a girl I can show off to the world and let everyone know shes mine. but more importantly a girl who can make me happy. My future goals are to become successful of course, make my parents proud of me and give them the world just like they did for me as a kid, become a very well know model, and be very wealthy. A quote I read to myself daily and means a lot is… “Today you are you, and thats is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” - Dr.Seuss


Twitter: http://twitter.com/thatcoolkideli

Instagram: @ohyeahitseli

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